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Optimal inversion of RS and IP data at Irankuh Pb-Zn deposit in Isfahan
Application of spectral time domain induced polarization method to resolve orebody characterisation
Marine self-potential gradient exploration of the continental margin
A New Approach in Casing Collapse Design Using the Geomechanical Model and Heaviest Drilling Fluid
"Integrated analysis of geological, geochemical and IP/RS results to define drill targets at Zefreh porphyry Cu-Mo prospect, Iran
Development of a new rapid inversion scheme for Total Field Magnetometric Resistivity (TFMMR) data
Neutral network models to predict cation exchange capacity in arid regions of Iran
A new approach to improve neural networks' algorithm in permeability prediction of petroleum reservoirs using supervised committee machine neural network (SCMNN)
Modification Of Weight Function In Moving Least Square Approximation And Its Applications In Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin Method
Application of Geostatistical Weights In Solving Problems Governed By 2-D Poisson's Equation Using Finite Point Method
Continuous soil pollution mapping using fuzzy logic and spatial interpolation
Inverse modeling of HEM data using a new inversion algorithm.
Modification of moving least square approximation by imposing essential boundary conditions using Kriging method
Optimising ore sampling procedure at Sarchemeh porphyry copper deposit and its effects on ore recovery
Analytical solutions for the Sub-Audio magnetics Technique
Analytical solutions for the Total Field Magnetometric Resistivity (TFMMR) Technique
Inverse modeling of helicopter electromagnetic data using Siemon's method: A case study in Rabat town, Kurdestan province, Iran
Estimating grade variations of dispatched Ore to mineral processing plant at Sarcheshmeh copper mine
Towed self-potential gradient measurements across the South Australia continental margin
The Total Field Magnetometric Resistivity (TFMMR) Method Part I: theory and 2.5D forward modelling
Open Pit Optimization In 3d Using A New Artificial Neural Network